Five HP Notebooks for Special Education Students

LCEF purchased five HP Notebooks for special education students in Grades 3-6 to use during classroom instruction.

The Notebooks will be used in classrooms to assist students with different learning styles. The Notebooks have Microsoft Word for writing assignments. Facilitated by Mrs. Mary Ellen Roeben and Mrs. Shana McKinnon.

Smart Boards

Remember the days when the teacher or a student wrote or sketched something on the chalkboard and then everyone in class feverishly copied that important data into their notebooks before it got erased? Well thanks to technology those days are gone. The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard screen that works like a large computer monitor. However, unlike computer monitors, the touch screen capability allows for writing, drawing and typical keyboarding that can be saved and printed. Unlike using an overhead projector or chalkboard, the Smart Board will allow the teacher and all students within the school to save their work on a computer that is attached to the Smart Board. This unit will also allow the teacher to print… Continue┬áreading

Toshiba Projector

Imagine a technology that will boost interactive classroom learning and provide its users with a wide range of multimedia capabilities. This technology is a document reader called the Toshiba TDP-SC25U mobile projector with a detachable camera.

The teacher requesting this equipment said it would allow students to see and discuss other strategies and multiple ways of solving problems, as well as foster good communication. It would enable the students and teachers to show 3D objects, physical demonstrations and virtually any document type on the screen

Neosmart Word Processors

A portable word processor called a NeoSmart is needed to help students who have difficulty with handwriting, taking notes and writing reports. Created by AlphaSmart, the NeoSmart can be connected to a computer for printing purposes, has spell-check and thesaurus features, and has proven to be very beneficial to certain students. “It would be extremely helpful to have one of these NeoSmarts for the students to use whenever needed,” said the teacher requesting this learning tool