Math and Science

Education Enrichment Proram (EEP) course – “Design Your Dream Home”

“Design Your Dream Home” is offered to help students understand (and enjoy) the relationship between math and design as it relates to the home building process. This class presents skills learned in the regular curriculum (measuring, estimating, planning, and problem-solving) in a fun and stress free environment. Grades 4-6, facilitated by Mr. Jacob Talbot.

Duck Egg Incubator

LCEF purchased a duck egg incubator for Grade 5. As part of the Life Cycle curriculum, students will observe and keep record of the hatching of eggs in their science notebooks. Facilitated by Mrs. Debra Lambert

Greenhouse Group

Dundery Brook Greenway Trail

The LCEF supports the mission of The Nature Conservancy and the Sakonnet Preservation Association to promote and provide educational programs for WMS students at Dundery Brook Greenway Trail.
WMS teachers and students will soon have access to an outdoor classroom setting, nature trails and hands-on environmental/science programs West of the school grounds. This environmental programming will not only bring science to life for Little Compton children, but will also complement Rhode Island’s new Environmental Literacy Plan that integrates critical environmental and science learning into the school curriculum.


Lego Robotics Team

Students in grades six, seven and eight will once again work together as part of the WMS Lego Robotics Team that will compete in the 10th Annual FIRST Lego League Challenge at Roger Williams University in January 2011.  This year’s challenge directly correlates to the science curriculum of students as they explore the Magnets and Motors Kits as well as Energy, Machines and Motions Kit