Literacy and Civics

Mock Trial

LCEF is providing funding for Mock Trial, facilitated by Mrs. Cheryl Comley and Mr. Comley. Students in grades 6–8 are assigned a case with which they prepare for as if they were lawyers. Students compete and their performances are evaluated at the end of the season.

“Do You See What I See?” Books

The LCEF purchased 25 copies of the book Do You See What I See? by local author Piper Hawes. The books were distributed to all classrooms—kindergarten through 8—and several copies were given to the WMS library

Author Writing Workshops

Non-Fiction Tradebooks for Differentiated Instruction

Five Literacy Nights

Last year’s literacy nights for fifth graders were such a success that the program will now be opened up to fourth and fifth graders.  Led by the school literacy specialist, the students bring their favorite books with them to school for several literacy night events that include reading, writing, book discussions and snacks

Kindergarten Reading Books

The kindergarten classroom recently received nine new sets of reading books and additional books geared for different reading levels. These books are a supplement to the classroom library. The cost of these books was $338.50

Handheld Tape Recorders

handheld tape recorders and 50 cassette tapes are needed in the elementary school to help the teachers and reading specialist in grades K-4 keep “running record” assessments of students’ reading patterns.

The three tape recorders and cassette tapes, priced at a total of $420, would allow teachers to make oral records of students’ reading abilities and could be sent from one grade to the next.

The recorders would also allow a teacher to carefully analyze miscues in a student’s reading patterns as well as get professional input from colleagues. Lastly, these recorders would enable the teachers to record children’s reading to bring to in-house professional development meetings, provide samples for discussion and allow teachers to “benchmark” examples of reading fluency… Continue reading