Health and Welfare


This year, tennis was run by Mr. Ford.

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Middle School Tennis

The Middle School Tennis program provides tennis instruction and game play as an extension of physical education class to students in grades 6 through 8. Students of all abilities have an opportunity to improve their skill and challenge one another. Facilitated by Mr. David MacGregor and Mrs. Noelle Kiernan.

Culinary and Textile Projects

LCEF provided materials for culinary and textile projects to enhance culinary skills, create healthy cooking practices, and enhance textile creativity which includes math and higher level thinking skills. Grades 6-8, facilitated by Mrs. Barbara Baum

Cooking and Sewing Supplies

Cooking and sewing supplies for Consumer Science Classroom

Walking Club and Pedometers


Electric Scissor Sharpener

Electric scissor sharpener– Anyone who has ever cut fabric with dull or unsharpened scissors knows what an ordeal that can be. A recent wish list request states “Students need to have sharp scissors when learning to cut fabric. This skill is difficult for many students.”
To help students maintain the classroom scissors and shears used to cut fabric, the Wilbur McMahon School is requesting an electric scissor sharpener. Priced at $78.25, the Scissor Pro Diamond Hone Sharpener will pay for itself very quickly by saving the time that would otherwise be spent delivering scissors to a repair person and then retrieving them. Plus, it will allow all students to have access to sharpened scissors during class time instead of them… Continue reading

Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls – Six stainless steel mixing bowls, priced at approximately $7 each, are needed for the cooking classes at Wilbur McMahon School.  These new bowls will be added to the collection of glass bowls already being used and allow each class member to make his or her own batch of pumpkin bread. The bread is then donated by the class to a local soup kitchen or to the Visiting Nurse Association to be used in holiday gift baskets. This has been a wonderful community service project!