Funded Items


This year, tennis was run by Mr. Ford.

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Education Enrichment Proram (EEP) course – “Design Your Dream Home”

“Design Your Dream Home” is offered to help students understand (and enjoy) the relationship between math and design as it relates to the home building process. This class presents skills learned in the regular curriculum (measuring, estimating, planning, and problem-solving) in a fun and stress free environment. Grades 4-6, facilitated by Mr. Jacob Talbot.

Middle School Tennis

The Middle School Tennis program provides tennis instruction and game play as an extension of physical education class to students in grades 6 through 8. Students of all abilities have an opportunity to improve their skill and challenge one another. Facilitated by Mr. David MacGregor and Mrs. Noelle Kiernan.

Culinary and Textile Projects

LCEF provided materials for culinary and textile projects to enhance culinary skills, create healthy cooking practices, and enhance textile creativity which includes math and higher level thinking skills. Grades 6-8, facilitated by Mrs. Barbara Baum

Education Enrichment Program (EEP) Course—Modern Art:What Is It and Can I Make It?”

Taught by Sarah Windham and Kerrin Callahan, this after school Education Enrichment course introduced children in Grades 4-6 to a component of fine arts that reaches beyond that which is currently offered as part of the standard art curriculum at WMS. The goal was to allow kids to discover that art can be a creative outlet and means of expression

Duck Egg Incubator

LCEF purchased a duck egg incubator for Grade 5. As part of the Life Cycle curriculum, students will observe and keep record of the hatching of eggs in their science notebooks. Facilitated by Mrs. Debra Lambert

Mock Trial

LCEF is providing funding for Mock Trial, facilitated by Mrs. Cheryl Comley and Mr. Comley. Students in grades 6–8 are assigned a case with which they prepare for as if they were lawyers. Students compete and their performances are evaluated at the end of the season.

“Do You See What I See?” Books

The LCEF purchased 25 copies of the book Do You See What I See? by local author Piper Hawes. The books were distributed to all classrooms—kindergarten through 8—and several copies were given to the WMS library

Cooking and Sewing Supplies

Cooking and sewing supplies for Consumer Science Classroom

New Loaner Instruments

The LCEF supports the WMS Band through the purchasing of gently used instruments for our budding musicians to borrow.Grades 4-8, facilitated by Mr. Gary Nitkin.

New acquisitions are: saxophones, brass trumpets, Bundy flute, trombone