Smart Boards

Remember the days when the teacher or a student wrote or sketched something on the chalkboard and then everyone in class feverishly copied that important data into their notebooks before it got erased? Well thanks to technology those days are gone. The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard screen that works like a large computer monitor. However, unlike computer monitors, the touch screen capability allows for writing, drawing and typical keyboarding that can be saved and printed. Unlike using an overhead projector or chalkboard, the Smart Board will allow the teacher and all students within the school to save their work on a computer that is attached to the Smart Board. This unit will also allow the teacher to print, e-mail or post to a web site the saved work that otherwise would have been erased. That same saved data can also be edited in subsequent lessons.

The cost to purchase a model 660 Smart Board is $1599 and the software is $124. While the teacher has submitted this $1,728 wish list request to the Little Compton Education Foundation, plans are underway to acquire additional funding from other sources for the accompanying laptop $919 and the projector $1,499.

If you’d like to donate this wish list item to the Wilbur & McMahon Schools, or contribute towards the purchase of it, please contact or send your check to the Little Compton Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1010, Little Compton, RI 02837. For more information, please contact Superintendent Dr. Harold Devine at the Wilbur & McMahon Schools.